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Guests of beaches, baths, hotels and swimming pools risk more and more personal items, as in most cases only a towel protects their belongings.
Thieves know this well.

Smartphones are rising in value while becoming an integral part of enjoying our free time. Losing them along with sunglasses, car keys (and the car with it), cash, personal ID, credit cards etc. can cause a lot of annoy- ance, not even mentioning the costs and pains of replacing them.

To complement entry control, locker rooms and security camera systems of beaches, as an addition - amenity – and most importantly, to be able to best protect guest’s valuables – we offer a cooperation.
Jointly with the client we determine specifics of the starter pack and devise the infrastructure necessary for rentals (booth, eggs, personnel).
Beachegg is a portable high-tech personal safe.

California beaches

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Buy a 60 piece set and run it on your beach or on a different beach! ...

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Eggs can be rented at a Beachegg booth installed at the location. Guests rent the egg at their own responsibility and a photo is taken of them for identification. The egg-shaped safe is suited to store belongings of a family or a smaller group of friends. After renting the egg, guests can settle anywhere within the bounds of the beach. As long as the egg’s alarm is on, guests do not need to worry about their valuables. The locked egg has built-in motion sensors; if an unauthorised person moves it, the egg emits a high-pitched noise and sends a warning signal along with GPS coordinates to a map-enabled app running on a guard’s tablet. The guard hurries to the exact location of the signal and warns the unauthorised person not to disturb others’ belongings. Guests can fully enjoy their time instead of watching and guarding their items.

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Who wants to differentiate themselves from their competitors!